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Plenary Opening Session [Balingův sál], Moderátor: Marjolein Masclee
Congress Opening
Miroslav Svítek, dean of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, CTU in Prague
Marjolein Masclee, chair DATEX II Strategic Group
Keynote speeches
Karel Dobeš, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic
Odile Arbeit de Chalendar, DG Move ITS Unit European Commission
Chris de Vries, Dutch Advisory Board for Traffic Information
Roman Srp, ITS Nationals – the Network of ITS associations
Technical Session: National Deployments [Balingův sál], Moderátor: Fabrizio Paoletti
The German Mobility Data Marketplace – experiences in implementing and operating a DATEX II exchange platform
Andreas Rydzek, Germany
National deployment of DATEX II in Norway
Kjersti Leiren Boag
New urban DATEX II nodes in Finland
Esa Östring, Finland
National deployment in the Netherlands
Tommy Delissen
National deployments in Portugal
Ricardo Coelho, Portugal

Management Session: part 1 [studovna], Moderátor: Marjolein Masclee
Role of DATEX II in ITS vision of EU
Odile Arbeit de Chalendar
How does DATEX II support you?
Bard de Vries, chair DATEX II Technical Group
Romanian experiences
Sorin Dumitrescu, Executive Manager Electronic Solutions
Market view to the use of DATEX II
Tanja Jorzig, HERE
Technical Session: Parking [Balingův sál], Moderátor: Jan Vlcinsky
The DATEX II parking extension and its standardisation
Jörg Freudenstein, Germany/CEN TC278
Experience in DATEX II ITP profile implementation – ITP project A9 Munich-Nuremberg
Jürgen Neugebauer, Germany
DATEX II as information basis for ITP app ParckR
Bas Vennekens, Netherlands
Management Session: part 2 [mediální studovna], Moderátor: Annette Zwiers
Interactive session
Speakers from session 1 and 3 other experts (Chris de Vries, Bo Bjerkeholt, Josef Kaltwasser). Participants can choose the speaker that seems most interesting to them and have a discussion with this person. Participants get 10 minutes to ask questions, to get the needed information to be able to make the necessary steps back home. After 10 minutes, the participants switch to another speaker.
Technical Session: TMPs and exchange [Balingův sál], Moderátor: Josef Kaltwasser
Operational Data exchange: TMP operation management and coordination among centres
Fabrizio Paoletti, Italy
Possible use of DATEX II in the ITS station in Norway
Hans Westerheim, Norway
SCORE@F: Routing traffic data for cooperative ITS with DATEX II
Emilie Petit, France
Landslide Early Warning Alerts via extended DATEX II exchange: monitoring, system and network reliability
Fabrizio Paoletti, Italy
Hands on Session: part 1 [studovna], Moderátor: Jörg Freudenstein
DATEX II Browser: Searching and browsing terms and definitions in DATEX II Model
Jan Vlčinský,
Comprehensive tour through the DATEX II data model.
Jörg Freudenstein
Technical Session: The future of DATEX II [Balingův sál], Moderátor: Jonas Jäderberg
DATEX II future evolution
Josef Kaltwasser, DATEX TG/CEN 278
Standardisation of Exchange
Ricardo Coelho, DATEX TG/Armis
DATEX II roadmap 2015-2020
Bard de Vries, DATEX TG
DATEX II and the Easyway Deployment guidelines
Hanfried Albrecht, Easyway
Hands on Session: part 2 [studovna], Jörg Freudenstein
DATEX II profiles and extensions
Jörg Freudenstein on:
How to slim down the model to what you really need in a profile
How to extend the existing model with the elements you miss
And last but not least: how to produce the adjoining documentation
Technical Session: Travel and Traffic Information Services [Balingův sál], Moderátor: Bard de Vries
Cross border data exchange becoming reality in Austria-Slovenia-Italy triangle
Martin Böhm, Austria
Delivering weather data with DATEX II services
Bo Bjerkholt, Sweden
Experience with ITS standards in pan-European project Superhub, developing multimodal and mobility related services
Jan Vlcinsky, Czech Republic
Image distribution with DATEX II services
Jonas Jäderberg, Sweden
Technical Session: Parking [studovna], Moderátor: Lutz Rittershaus
DATEX II as a deployment enabler – the case of parking in Belgium
Peter van der Perre, Belgium
Parking information and traffic data from Saxony-Anhalt in the Mobility Data Marketplace in Germany
Joachim Schade, Germany
Developing Czech standard for smart on-street parking using DATEX II
David Barta, Czech republic
Plenary Closing Session [Balingův sál], Moderátor: Marjolein Masclee
Results and conclusions of User Forum
Marjolein Masclee
DATEX II Golden Zipper Award show