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DUF2014: DATEX II User Forum 2014 in Prague Intro

DUF2014: Congress Opening and Key note speeches

Congress Opening by Miroslav Svítek, and Marjolein Masclee
Keynote speeches by Karel Dobeš, Odile Arbeit de Chalendar, Chris de Vries and Roman Srp

DUF2014: Experiences in implementing and operating a DATEX II exchange platform

Andreas Rydzek

DUF2014: National deployment of DATEX II in Norway

Kjersti Leiren Boag

DUF2014: New urban DATEX II nodes in Finland

Esa Östring

DUF2014: National deployment in the Netherlands

Tommy Delissen

DUF2014: National deployments in Portugal

Ricardo Coelho

DUF2014: The DATEX II parking extension and its standardisation

Jörg Freudenstein

DUF2014: Experience in DATEX II ITP profile implementation – ITP project A9 Munich-Nuremberg

Jürgen Neugebauer

DUF2014: DATEX II as information basis for ITP app ParckR

Bas Vennekens

DUF2014: Comprehensive tour through the DATEX II data model

Jörg Freudenstein

DUF2014: DATEX II profiles and extensions

Jörg Freudenstein

DUF2014: Cross border data exchange becoming reality in Austria-Slovenia-Italy triangle

Martin Böhm

DUF2014: Delivering weather data with DATEX II services

Bo Bjerkeholt

DUF2014: Experience with ITS standards in pan-European project Superhub

Jan Vlcinsky, Marco Menichetti

DUF2014: Image distribution with DATEX II services

Jonas Jäderberg