Conference program

May 27, 2021


Opening Session

prof. Dr. Ing. Miroslav Svítek, dr. h. c. (Symposium Chairman, Czech Technical University in Prague)
doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc. (Rector, Czech Technical University in Prague)
doc. Ing. Pavel Hrubeš, Ph.D. (Dean, Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Czech Technical University in Prague)
MUDr. Zdeněk Hřib (Mayor, City of Prague)
prof. Ing. Ondřej Přibyl, Ph.D. (Symposium Scientific Committee Chairman, Czech Technical University in Prague)

Session 1: Keynote speakers (you can read info about keynote speakers)
Chairman: Miroslav Svítek
9:30 Designing Sustainable and Scalable Smart City Enterprise Systems
   Mehmet Aksit (TOBB University of Economics and Technology)
9:50 Resilience of smart cities with focus on community‘s health, inclusiveness and accessibility
   Bahar Namaki Araghi (ITS Denmark)
10:10 Smart Management: Control Layers of a Learning City
   Tomáš Hudeček (Prague Institute of Planning and Development)
10:30 The New Administrative Capital as a Model for the first Smart Sustainable City in Egypt
   Mohammed Khalil (Egypt Administrative Capital For Urban Development)
10:50 How COVID 19 Changed the Way We Work, Live & Think - A New York Perspective
   Porie Saikia-Eapen (MTA New York)
11:10 Lunch Break
Session 2: Smart Cities Modeling
Chairman: Ondřej Přibyl
12:00 City Simulation Software: Perspective of Mobility Modelling
   Roman Dostál (Czech Technical University in Prague)
12:05 Using Smart Dynamic Public Transport in a Real Environment
   Patrik Horažďovský (Czech Technical University in Prague)
12:10 A Methodological Framework for Determination of Public Transport Accessibility Index
   Summair Anis (University of Genoa)
12:15 Heart Rate Changes in Critical Situations in a Vehicle Simulator
   Ondřej Paprčka (Czech Technical University in Prague)
12:20 Determining the number of collection points for autonomous vehicle-based service using gravity model
   Máté Kulcsár (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
12:25 Smart Airports - Developing Demand Side System Services
   Václav Řehoř (Prague Airport)
12:30 Discussion
Session 3: Liveable Cities
Chairman: Ira Saul Rubenstein
12:45 Analysis method of customization settings for Mobility as a Service
   Yinying He (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
12:50 Smart city as an opportunity towards urban transformation in a small city (Bucaramanga, case study)
   Hugo Vecino Pico (Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga)
12:55 Synthetic Ride-Requests Generation using WGAN with Location Embeddings
   Usha Nookala (Volvo Cars Technology USA)
13:00 Monitoring the Sustainable development of Transport in Norwegian Small and Medium Sized Cities- Results of a Workshop
   Sinziana Rasca (University of Agder)
13:05 Smartphone-based Taxi Applications as Essential Part of Smart City
   Kristián Čulík (University of Žilina)
13:10 Discussion
13:30 Coffee Break
13:30 - 14:15
Poster Session
Assessment of the passenger’s safety in autonomous vehicles
    Josef Mík (Czech Technical University in Prague)
C-ITS SIM as a tool for V2X communication and its validity assessment
    Martin Šrotýř (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Demand variation in regional transport
    Stanislav Metelka (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Highway Modeling in Anylogic for Multi-Agent approach to Smarty City Management
    Jana Kuklová  (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Historical traffic model and its help in the development of urban mobility
    Vladimír Faltus (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Monitoring specific travel behavior in floating car data
    Zuzana Purkrábková (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Smart Logistics Across Smart Border
    Tomáš Horák (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Use of iBeacon technology for safe movement of disabled people
    Jan Krčál (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Use of Linear Regression to Discrete Data
   Šárka Jozová (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Zone-Oriented Suburban Railway Timetable
    Rudolf Vávra (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Session 4: Smart Parking
Chairman: Tomáš Horák
14:15 H2020 project STORM presentation
   Yancho Todorov (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
14:25 Smart Parking Garage: Concept of Operatoins and User Benefits
   Jeff Weidner (The University of Texas at El Paso)
14:30 Zoning and Zone Permit Pricing for Smart Parking Management at a University Campus
   Okan Gurbuz (The University of Texas at El Paso)
14:35 The effect of modal shift to micromobility upon the parking demand
   Dahlen Silva (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
14:40 Application of Mobility Hub for automatic parking in the city
   Kristýna Navrátilová (Czech Technical University in Prague)
14:45 Autonomous parking system user interface – assessment of visual behavior
   Alina Mashko (Czech Technical University in Prague)
14:50 Discussion
Session 5: Autonomous and Electric Vehicles
Chairman: Petr Bouchner
15:00 Smart Camera Systems - Trends for Smart Cities
   Marek Pirkl (Hikvision)
15:10 Modelling and Evaluation of System Costs and CO2-Emissions when Electrifying Bus Fleets
   Markus Dietmannsberger (Hamburger Hochbahn)
15:15 Locations and Length of Entrances and Exits of an Automated Truck Lane on a U.S. Freeway
   Ruey Long Cheu (The University of Texas at El Paso)
15:20 Multi-criteria evaluation method for operating battery electric railcars
   Marcell Fetter (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
15:25 Study of riding specifics of the electric and conventional powered two-wheeler users
   Přemysl Toman (Czech Technical University in Prague)
15:30 Microsimulation model for assessment of eHMI of autonomous vehicles
   Alina Mashko (Czech Technical University in Prague)
15:35 Discussion
15:45 Coffee Break
16:00 Duo Professores Concert & Individual Wine Tasting

May 28, 2021


9:00 H2020 Project nuMIDAS Workshop
Chairman: Ondřej Přibyl
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 SCSP Concluding Remarks and Feedback


Technical Sponsor


MUDr. Zdeněk Hřib
the Mayor of Prague