Conference program - FINAL

Day 1 - May 23, 2019


8:00 Registration | Crystal Hall (1st Floor)
Opening Session | Emmy Destinn Hall (2nd Floor)
9:00 prof. Dr. Ing. Miroslav Svítek, dr. h. c. (Symposium Chairman, Czech Technical University in Prague)
Mgr. Ing. Jaromír Beránek (Chairman, City of Prague Smart Cities Commission)
Mgr. Jakub Stárek (Deputy Mayor of Prague 6)
JUDr. Martina Děvěrová, MPA (State Secretary, Ministry of Industry and Trade)
prof. Ing. Ondřej Přibyl, Ph.D. (Scientific Committee Chairman, Czech Technical University in Prague)
Session 1: Keynote speakers
Chairman: Miroslav Svítek | Emmy Destinn Hall (2nd Floor)
9:15 Sustainable Urban Planning and Urban Design
   Raoul Bunschoten (TU Berlin)
9:45 Digital Greenwich - Experiences of creating a Smart City Testbed
   Balázs Csuvár (DG Cities)
10:15 Towards Digital Eco-Systems of Smart Services for City Transport
   Petr Skobelev (Smart Solutions)
10:45 Coffee Break
11:15 Sustainable Urbanization
   Porie Saikia-Eapen (MTA New York)
11:45 Thermal Sensation Sensing for Human-in-the Loop Control in Smart Buildings
   Huihe Qiu (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)
12:15 Future of Autonomous Driving in Complex Urban Environment
   Sahin Albayrak (TU Berlin)
12:45 Business Lunch
Session 2a: System Approach to Smart Cities Transformation
Chairman: Ondřej Přibyl | Emmy Destinn Hall (2nd Floor)
13:45 ICT Operator Prague
13:55 Smart Border as a Part of Smart and Resilient El Paso
   Miroslav Svítek (Czech Technical University in Prague)
14:15 Smart Public Rail Transit System for El Paso
   Tomáš Horák (Czech Technical University in Prague)
14:35 Sightseeing Navigation System for Foreign Tourists in Japanese Urban Area
   Kayoko Yamamoto (University of Electro-Communications)
14:55 Impact of Autonomous Vehicles in Cities: User Perception
   Ondřej Přibyl (Czech Technical University in Prague)
15:15 Coffee Break
Session 2b: Human Factors and Liveable Cities
Chairman: Michal Matowicki | Crystal Hall (1st Floor)
13:45 Symposium Partner Presentation
13:55 ITS for Smart Parking Systems, towards the creation of smart city services using IoT and cloud approaches
   Luis Felipe Herrera-Quintero (Universidad Piloto de Colombia)
14:15 Potential of a Travel Mode Change in Smart Cities: A Review
   Karolína Moudrá (Czech Technical University in Prague)
14:35 Analysis of the integration of individual perception and methods for evaluating Smart Cities
   Michaela Zachová (Czech Technical University in Prague)
14:55 Virtual Reality Aided Tourism
   Anett Rácz (University of Debrecen)
15:15 Coffee Break
Session 3a: Information and Data Processing
Chairman: Ira Rubenstein | Emmy Destinn Hall (2nd Floor)
15:45 Telecommunication Challenges on the Way to Autonomous Driving SIEMENS
15:55 RevUrb: Understanding Urban Activity through Point Process Modelling of Telecoms Data
   Ronan Doorley (MIT)
16:15 Dynamic Public Transport modeled by Multi-agent system in Smart City
   Patrik Horažďovský (Czech Technical University in Prague)
16:35 Framework Model in Anylogic for Smart City Ring Road Management
   Jana Kuklová (Czech Technical University in Prague)
16:55 Empirical identification of surface parameters affecting the microclimate
   Jakub Jura (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Session 3b: Human Factors and Liveable Cities
Chairman: Tomáš Horák | Crystal Hall (1st Floor)
15:45 Symposium Partner Presentation
15:55 Comparison of Different Conceptions of Suburban Railway Transport
   Rudolf Vávra (Czech Technical University in Prague)
16:15 Worthwhile Travel Time: the Design Challenges of Capturing the User Experience by Smartphone
   Yannick Cornet (University of Žilina)
16:35 Respecting the parking rules in city centres
   Jiří Růžička (Czech Technical University in Prague)
16:55 A Fuzzy Dynamical Approach for Examining Driver Behavior Criteria Related to Road Safety
   Sarbast Moslem (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
19:00 Symposium Social Event & Gala Dinner
    (by invitation only), Vltava River Cruise flyer [pdf]

Day 2 - May 24, 2019


8:30 Registration | Crystal Hall (1st Floor)
9:00 - 10:10
Poster Session
Chairman: Tomáš Horák | Crystal Hall (1st Floor)
Design of Public Transport Stops and Stations and its Contribution to Attractive and Accessible Public Transport
    Dagmar Kočárková (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Examination of Logical Trends in Traffic Conflicts and Traffic Accidents in the Context of Road Safety at Roundabouts
    Josef Kocourek (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Functional and new proposed smart solutions in public transport in the Czech republic
    Jiří Čarský (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Conceptual Approach for Design of an Integrated Passenger Information System
    Petr Panský (PRO CEDOP, s.r.o.)
Management of Potential Conflicts between Pedestrians and Autonomous Vehicles
    Summair Anis (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Smart and Efficient Energy Saving System Using PDLC Glass
    Hisham Alghamdi (Najran University)
Application of dynamic regulation for public lighting
    Tomáš Tichý (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Session 4: Technologies for Smart Cities
Chairman: Petr Bouchner | Emmy Destinn Hall (2nd Floor)
9:00 Symposium Partner Presentation
9:10 Smart Roads
    Leonard Rothkrantz (Delft University of Technology)
9:30 Smart Grids and Software Testing Process Models
   Nikola Šimková (Masaryk University)
9:50 Blockchain in Smart Cities: An Inclusive Tool for Persons with Disabilities
   Josina Rodrigues (Universidade Fernando Pessoa)
10:10 Coffee Break
Session 5: Sustainable Cities
Chairman: Jakub Vorel | Emmy Destinn Hall (2nd Floor)
10:40 Symposium Partner Presentation
10:50 Sustainable Development of Small and Medium Sized Cities - use of monitoring frameworks in reaching the SDG
    Sinziana Rasca (University of Agder)
11:10 Reflection of Smart City approaches in transport strategic planning in Czech cities
    Hana Brůhová Foltynová (Jan Evangelista Purkyně University)
11:30 Multifunctional Infrastructure Corridors for Connecting Smart Cities
    Wolfgang Kühn (University Zwickau)
11:50 Pavement Rehabilitation Using 3D Measuring with the Concept of Smart City
    František Kekula (Czech Technical University in Prague)
12:10 Business Lunch

13:00 - 15:00
Travel Behavior Workshop
Moderator: Ondřej Přibyl | Emmy Destinn Hall (2nd Floor)

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Afternoon Matinee with Duo Professores
Moderators: Miroslav Svítek & Ondřej Přibyl | Emmy Destinn Hall (2nd Floor)
15:00 Music & Drinks
Discussion & Networking
Concluding Speeches

The program can be changed without notice.