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Definition of a Smart Street - Smart City's Building Element
Prof. Pavel Přibyl (Czech Technical University in Prague)
System Alliances as a Tool for Solving Smart Cities Problems
Assoc. Prof. Vít Fábera (Czech Technical University in Prague)
IEEE Smart Cities Initiative: Guadalajara Pilot Program Experience
Dr. Victor Manuel Larios Rosillo (University of Guadalajara)
Waste water treatment plants ENVIROTECH with vertical farms
Ing. Ivan Bidenko, Ph.D. (Environment Commerce CZ, LTD.)
ITS/Traffic Management Project for Johannesburg-Pretoria Area in South Africa
M. Staudinger, R. Heidu (Efkon)
Smart Cities approach in Colombian Context
Dr. Luis Felipe Herrera Quintero (Piloto University of Colombia)
Individual Perception of Smart City Strategies
Assoc. Prof. Ondřej Přibyl (Czech Technical University in Prague)
A Conceptual Proposal for an Expert System to Analyse Smart Policy Options for Urban CEP Transports
Dr. Stefan Schroeder (German Aerospace Center)
Flywheel energy storage retrofit system for hybrid and electric vehicles
Dr. Jan Plomer (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Smarter Traffic Control for Middle-Sized Cities Using Adaptive Algorithm
Dr. Zuzana Bělinová (Czech Technical University in Prague)
On the development of urban adaptation startegies using Ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation
Dr. Přemysl Derbek (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Better Cities for Better Life
Ivo Vaněk, M.Sc. (International Climate Observatory)
Photocatalytic Air Depollution in Contaminated Cities - Creating Healthy Environments
Dr. Pavel Šefl (Advanced Materials-JTJ)
Advanced VANET Routing Design
Martin Šrotýř, M.Sc. (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Prediction Diagnostic for Smart Cities Systems
Prof. Mirko Novák (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Efficient Fine-grained Analysis of Urban Transport Accessibility
Dr. Michal Jakob (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Socially Smart Cities
Assoc. Prof. Miloslav Hetteš (ICSW Europe)