Conference Program

Thursday, May 23


Opening Session

prof. Dr. Ing. Miroslav Svítek, dr. h. c. (Symposium Chairman, Czech Technical University in Prague)
prof. Ing. Ondřej Přibyl, Ph.D. (Dean of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Czech Technical University in Prague)
doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc. (Rector, Czech Technical University in Prague)
Mgr. Martin Kupka (Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic)
Porie Saikia-Eapen FAIA, FCIOB, RIBA, Chartered CM (Former Director for Sustainability, MTA New York)

Keynote Speakers (you can read info about keynote speakers)
Chair: Miroslav Svítek
9:15 Cities then and now: what the seven laws of civilisations can teach us
   Prof. Dr. Miroslav Bárta (Charles University)
9:40 Plan Smart, not Hard: How to Plan Cities We Need
   Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Polívka (TU Berlin)
10:05 Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for the Transformative Evolution of Smart Cities: Initiatives by the Indian Government
   Dr. Jayant Jagtap (NIMS University)
10:30 Converging Technologies: AI, Blockchain, and xR as Catalysts for Smart Cities
   David Velvéthy (PwC)
11:00 Coffee Break
Session 1: System Approach to Smart Cities Transformation
Chair: Ira Saul Rubenstein
11:30 Integrating ESG into the Smart City concept with focus on transport
   Petr Dovolil (PwC)
11:45 Applying a multidimensional system approach to automated shuttle assessment
   Elmer van der Wel (TU Berlin)
12:00 Examining Factors Influencing the Acceleration Behavior of Autonomous Vehicles through Explainable AI Analysis
   Shoaib Samandar (North Carolina State University)
12:15 Autonomous Trams and Urban Infrastructure: A Methodological Approach to Testing and Integration
   Miroslav Vaniš (CTU in Prague)
12:30 Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions in Industry 4.0, Telematics and Smart Cities
   Martin Zajíček (CTU in Prague)
12:45 Lunch Break
Session 2: Information and Data Processing
Chair: Jayant Jagtap
13:45 Comparative Analysis of Different Machine Learning Techniques for Travel Mode Prediction
   Nilesh Bhosle (NIMS University)
14:00 From Data to Routes: A Comprehensive Approach to Public Transport Line Routing
   Juraj Lazúr (Brno University of Technology)
14:15 Review of data governance approaches in the field of transportation domain
   Pavel Hrubeš (CTU in Prague)
14:30 Urban Parking Data Quality Evaluation from Single-Day Surveys
   Roman Dostál (CTU in Prague)
14:45 Optimization of the Quality of Public Transport Operation Evaluation Method
   Markéta Jirmanová (CTU in Prague)
15:00 Coffee Break
Session 3: Livable Cities
Chair: Petr Bouchner
15:30 Reconsidering road traffic safety countermeasure in the super-aged society
   Ryosuke Ando (Toyota Transportation Research Institute)
15:45 Designing the Smart City
   Jannik Wendorff (RWTH Aachen)
16:00 Applications of Mobility as a service (MaaS) in a city
   Leon Rothkrantz (TU Delft)
16:15 Estimation of the potential of carsharing in the Czech Republic, with case study of the Skalka housing estate in Ústí and Labem
   Daniel Drnec (CTU in Prague)
16:30 Day 1 Conclusion
19:00 Symposium Social Event (by invitation only)

Friday, May 24


Session 4: Livable Cities
Chair: Porie Saikia-Eapen
9:00 Livable Cities - A Timeless Concept
   Porie Saikia-Eapen FAIA, FCIOB, RIBA, Chartered CM
9:15 Socio-economic evaluation of passenger air transport options
   Eliška Glaserová (CTU in Prague)
9:30 Electrical power required for residential charging of electric cars – a case study from Skalka housing estate in Ústí nad Labem
   Daniel Drnec (CTU in Prague)
9:45 On parking spaces of electric cars and rectangle packing, due to transport safety aspects
   György Ágoston (University of Dunaújváros)
10:00 Designing an evaluation methodology for the Living Labs of the ELABORATOR project
   Jiří Brož (CTU in Prague)
10:15 The Contribution of International Students to Smart Cities through Open Innovation
   Wenwen Wang (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
10:30 Coffee Break
Session 5: Information and Data Processing
Chair: Jakub Vorel
11:00 Function Verification of Intelligent System for Analysis and Prediction of Public Transport
   Milan Sliacky (CTU in Prague)
11:15 Accuracy comparison of logistic regression, random forest, and neural networks applied to real MaaS data
   Tetiana Reznychenko (CTU in Prague)
11:30 Identification of collision situations for higher efficiency of traffic control system
   Eva Hajčiarová (CTU in Prague)
11:45 Modal choice according to meteorological conditions
   Viktor Beneš (CTU in Prague)
12:00 Lunch Break
Session 6: Smart Cities Modeling
Chair: Tomáš Horák
13:00 Multi-Criteria Traffic Control with Scalable Optimisation Goals – a SUMO Study
   Maik Halbach (German Aerospace Center - DLR)
13:15 Enhancing Urban Traffic Management in Taipei: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
   Moritz Sontheimer (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
13:30 Bus Lane End Options Ahead of the Intersection: Case Study Using Microsimulation
   Markéta Jirmanová (CTU in Prague)
13:45 Snow ploughing with road priorities and time constraints
   Alena Rybičková (CTU in Prague)
14:00 Symposium Conclusion & Snacks
15:00 Duo Professores Concert on the 15th Floor


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