Conference program

You can download conference program [pdf].

Day 1 - May 24, 2018

8:00 Registration | Entrance
Opening Session | Hall of John of Bohemia
9:00 Miroslav Svítek (SCSP Chair, Czech Technical University in Prague)
Vojtěch Petráček (Rector of CTU)
Martina Děvěrová
(Chief Executive, City of Prague)
Pavel Hrubeš
(Dean of FTS)
Ondřej Přibyl (SCSP Program Chair, Czech Technical University in Prague)
Session 1: Keynote speakers
Chairman: Miroslav Svítek | Hall of John of Bohemia
9:15 Urban sustainability
   Porie Saikia-Eapen (MTA New York)
9:35 Urban sustainability
   Prof. Juan Bosco Molina Navarro (Technical University of Madrid)
9:50 Why cities should become more digital - from existing challenges to future benefits
   Pratish Menon (CISCO)
10:10 Smart Danube region
   Tomáš Prouza (EU Politics Advisory, Former State Secretary for EU Affairs & Digital Coordinator, Czech Republic)
10:30 International Dual Master Degrees Program in Smart Cities
   Carlos Ferregut (The University of Texas at El Paso)
10:50 Coffee Break
Session 2: System Approach to Smart Cities Transformation
Chairman: Ondřej Přibyl | Hall of John of Bohemia
11:20 Virtual model of Prague
   ICT Operator
11:30 How are smart cities perceived by project leaders and participants in an ongoing project: the challenge of evaluating smart cities
   Thomas Bjørner (Aalborg University)
11:50 Routing pedestrians in smart city networks
   Leon Rothkrantz (TU Delft)
12:10 Personal emergency system for elderly and disabled people in metropolitan network
   Vít Janovský (CTU, UCEEB)
12:30 Smart Planning for Transportation Energy Efficient Region
   Tomáš Peltan (Czech University of Life Sciences)
12:50 Business Lunch
Session 3a: Technologies for Smart Cities
Chairman: Petr Bouchner| Hall of John of Bohemia
13:50 Symposium Partner Presentation
14:00 Regulation of the Tourist Buses in Highly Urbanized Areas
   Marko Šoštarić (University of Zagreb)
14:20 Implementing large scale electromobility infrastructure as a profitable virtual electricity storage plant: a case study, system ALISE
   Václav Novotný (CTU, FTS)
14:40 Impacts of lacks in design of control systems in rail transportation
   Tomáš Kertis (CTU, FTS)
15:00 The e-mobility Analysis with Respect to the Transmission and Distribution Grid and its Effects on Stability of Power Delivery
   Václav Mužík (University of West Bohemia)
15:20 Coffee Break
Session 3b: Information and Data Processing
Chairman: Michal Matowicki | Hall B
13:50 MindSphere – the Open IoT Operating System for Smart Cities
14:00 Real-Time Driver Advisory System for improving energy economy based on Advance Driver Assistant Systems Interface
   Dmitry Rozhdestvenskiy (CTU, FTS)
14:20 Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure
   Dana Procházková (CTU, FTS)
14:40 Data-driven Management of Dynamic Public Transport
   Patrik Horažďovský (CTU, FTS)
15:00 Analysis of red light violation - a case study in Bialystok
   Robert Ziółkowski (Bialystok University of Technology)
15:20 Coffee Break
Session 4a: Information and Data Processing
Chairman: Vladimir Bataev | Hall of John of Bohemia
15:50 Symposium Partner Presentation
16:00 Increasing efficiency of ground stations scheduling to sustainably provide satellite based services for smart cities
   Boris Kucherov (University of Technology)
16:20 Macroscopic simulation model of a multi-stage, dynamic cargo bike-based logistics system in the supply of shopping malls in Budapest
   Dávid Lajos Sárdi (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
16:40 Economic aspects of micro-cogeneration systems – insight into investors' approaches
   Václav Novotný (CTU, FTS)
17:00 Data Analysis with Empirical Probability Functions as a Data Mining Method: Employing CF-Miner and Pattern Difference Quantifiers
   Krzysztof Urbaniec (CTU, FTS)
Session 4b: Best Practices for Smart Cities Transformation
Chairman: Jakub Vorel | Hall B
15:50 Smart parking
16:00 Energy sufficiency of an administrative building based on real data from one year of operation
   Nikolaos Skandalos (CTU, UCEEB)
16:20 Smart parking in the Smart City application
   Jan Šilar (CTU, FTS)
16:40 Regular Translation within Alliances
   Vit Fábera (CTU, FTS)
17:00 Hydrometeorological measurements to assess the effect of vegetation on urban microclimate
   Jakub Jura (CTU, FCE)
19:00 Symposium Social Event & Gala Dinner
    (by invitation only), Vltava River Cruise flyer [pdf]

Day 2 – May 25, 2018

8:30 Registration | Entrance
9:00 - 11:00
Poster Session

Chairman: Tomáš Horák | Gothic arcade corridor
Accurate Road Safety Level Assessment for Effective Road Safety Inspection
   Josef Kocourek (CTU, FTS)
Aided Decision Making for Hybrid Energy Systems Planning in Micro-Grids
   Florina Scarlatache (Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Ia?i)
Methodology for Selection of Telecommunication Technology in Smart Applications and Networks
   Jiří Vodrážka (CTU, FEE)
Methods of traffic surveys in cities for comparison of traffic control systems – a case study
   Jiří Růžička (CTU, FTS)
Optimal coverage of rDSLAM devices in the electronic communication network
   Denisa Mocková (CTU, FTS)
Probabilistic Analysis of Sky Clearness Index for Solar Energy Systems Planning
   Ciprian Nemes (Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Ia?i)
Reliability Data for Smart Grids: Where the Real Data Can be Found
   Tomáš Pitner (Masaryk University)
Session 5: Social Aspects in Smart Technologies
Chairman: Csaba Csiszár | Hall of John of Bohemia
9:00 Making Innovation in Elderly Care Possible Using Participatory Design: The Smart Home-care Project in Prague
   Tomáš Vácha (CTU, UCEEB)
9:20 An International Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program on Smart Cities
   Ruey Long Cheu (The University of Texas at El Paso)
9:40 Roadway Sustainability for Smart Cities
   Dimitrios Goulias (University of Maryland)
10:00 How to support planning and implementation of climate adaptation measures in urban areas? Case study of Brno-Nový Lískovec
   Jan Macháč (J. E. Purkyně University)
10:20 Student Perception of Smart Campus: A case study of Czech Republic and Thailand
   Sathaporn Opasanon (Thammasat University)
10:40 Smart Urban Transport
   Vít Janoš (CTU, FTS)
11:00 Coffee Break
Session 6: Cooperative and Autonomous driving
Chairman: Tomáš Horák | Hall of John of Bohemia
11:30 Framework for planning the mobility service based on autonomous vehicles
   Dávid Földes (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
11:50 Traffic Signal Control for Connected and Non-Connected Vehicles
   André Maia Pereira (CTU, FTS)
12:10 Communication for cooperative vehicles
   Tomáš Zelinka (CTU, FTS)
12:30 Business Lunch
Workshop: Autonomous Vehicles for Smart Cities
Chairman: Zdeněk Lokaj | Hall of John of Bohemia
13:30 Welcome, objectives and agenda
   Ondřej Přibyl (CTU, FTS)
13:40 State of the art in autonomous driving
13:55 Autonomous driving and traffic management
14:10 Workshop
   Moderation: Zdeněk Lokaj (CTU, FTS)
15:00 Summary and discussion
15:20 Coffee Break
Round Table and Symposium Closing
Moderator: Ondřej Přibyl | Hall of John of Bohemia
15:40 Summary of Chairmen of Particular Sessions
   All chairmen
   All participants
Concluding Remarks
   Miroslav Svítek / Ondřej Přibyl
16:00 Symposium Social Event - Wine, Beer, Canapes & Networking | Hall of John of Bohemia
   Hall of John of Bohemia
Please, accept our invitation for an informal discussion on Smart Cities and new ideas that have emerged during the Symposium. There might be a musical intermezzo.

The program can be changed without notice.