Conference program

You can download conference program [pdf].

Day 1 - May 25, 2017

8:00 Registration | Entrance
Opening Session | Hall of John of Bohemia
9:00 Miroslav Svítek (SCSP Chair, Czech Technical University in Prague)
Petr Konvalinka (Rector, Czech Technical University in Prague)
Martina Děvěrová (Chief Executive, City of Prague)
Ondřej Přibyl (SCSP Program Chair, Czech Technical University in Prague)
Session 1: Keynote speakers
Chairman: Miroslav Svítek | Hall of John of Bohemia
9:15 Smart City 101
   Porie Saikia-­Eapen (MTA New York)
9:30 Electromobility in Smart Cities
   Kurt Sigl (BEM / Bundesverband eMobilität e.V.)
9:45 Impact of Industry 4.0 on Smart Cities
   Vladimír Mařík (CIIRC)
10:00 Helping cities become cognitive
   Stephen Russo (IBM)
10:15 Beyond Smart Cities: The challenges and opportunities of smart urban mobility
   Bahar Namaki Araghi (City of Copenhagen)
10:30 Coffee Break
Session 2: Best Practices for Smart Cities Transformation
Chairman: Kostas Goulias | Hall of John of Bohemia
11:00 Technology Pathways to a Sustainable Future
   Florin Calarasu (SIEMENS)
11:10 Microsoft Platform for Smart City Transformation
   Michal Osif (Microsoft)
11:20 The Indian Perspective of Smart Cities
   Khushboo Gupta (Virginia Tech)
11:40 Smart Charles Square: Modeling interconnections of basic building blocks in Smart Cities
   Pavel Přibyl (CTU, FTS)
12:00 Travel Time, Resource Reachability and Quality of Living in Urban Contexts: a Case Study from Slovakia
   Giuseppe Lugano (University of Žilina)
12:20 An Autonomous Taxi Service for Sustainable Urban Transportation
   Doros Nicolaides (University of Cambridge)
12:40 Business Lunch
Session 3a: Smart Buildings and Energy
Chairman: Tereza McLaughlin Váňová | Hall of John of Bohemia
13:40 Smart homes – Key Element in Smart City
Jan Průcha (Insight Home)
13:50 Energy-­efficient envelope design for residential buildings: a case study in Oman
   Saleh Al-­Saadi (Sultan Qaboos University Oman)
14:10 Advanced energy control for commercial building using photovoltaic source and battery storage
   Petr Wolf (CTU, UCEEB)
14:30 Smart Building Monitoring -­ From Structure to Indoor Environment
   Jan Včelák (CTU, UCEEB)
14:50 Towards a Secure Smart Grid Storage Communications Gateway
   Stefan Marksteiner (Joanneum Research)
15:10 Coffee Break
Session 3b: Information and Data Processing
Chairman: Jakub Vorel | Gothic cellar
13:40 Data Platform for the City of Prague
   Iva Seigertschmidová (ICT Operator)
13:50 Sustainability and Resiliency Assessment for Smart Cities
   Dimitrios Goulias (University of Maryland)
14:10 Knowledge Discovery from Car Sharing Data for Traffic Flows Estimation
   Alessio Pagani (Politecnico di Milano)
14:30 Developing a mesoscopic simulation model for the examination of shopping mall freight traffic in Budapest
   Dávid Lajos Sárdi (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
14:50 Job Accessibility Modelling in Prague Functional Urban Area
   Daniel Franke (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague)
15:10 Coffee Break
Session 4a: Technologies for Smart Cities
Chairman: Petr Bouchner | Hall of John of Bohemia
15:40 What comes after smart city technology?
   Juraj Hošťák (EY)
15:50 Lip-­Reading by Surveillance Cameras
   Leon Rothkrantz (Delft University of Technology)
16:10 Key denominators of success in crowdsourced logistics
   Radim Večeřa (CTU, FTS)
16:30 Application of a smart load-­control concept in a municipality building in city of Pilsen
   Václav Mužík (University of West Bohemia)
16:50 Dynamic Service of Public Transport in Smart City and Region
   Patrik Horažďovský (CTU, FTS)
Session 4b: Information and Data Processing with Focus on Energy
Chairman: Zdeněk Lokaj | Gothic cellar
15:40 Vehicle detection solution based on SPINWIRE® technology
   Lubomír Křivánek (E.ON)
15:50 Sampling Density and Frequency as Data Quality Determinants in Smart Grids
   Adir Even (Ben-­Gurion University of the Negev)
16:10 Energy Simulation and Prediction in City Transportation
   Tomáš Kučera (CTU, FTS)
16:30 Weather forecast based scheduling for demand response optimization in smart grids
   Miroslav Kadlec (Masaryk University)
16:50 Data-­Centric Framework for Adaptive Smart City Honeynets
   Seamus Dowling (National University of Ireland -­ Galway)
19:00 Symposium Social Event & Gala Dinner
    (by invitation only), Vltava River Cruise flyer [pdf]

Day 2 – May 26, 2017

8:30 Registration | Entrance
Special Session: Autonomous Vehicles for Smart Cities
Chairman: Meng Lu | Hall of John of Bohemia
9:00 Welcome, objectives and agenda
   Ondřej Přibyl (CTU, FTS)
9:10 UBER and autonomous driving
   Tomáš Peťovský (UBER CEO Czech and Slovak Republic)
9:25 Management of autonomous vehicles – MAVEN
   Ondřej Přibyl (CTU, FTS)
9:40 State of the art in autonomous driving
   Reza Dariani (DLR)
9:55 Communication for autonomous driving
   Tomáš Zelinka (CTU, FTS)
10:10 Questionnaire & Discussion (Mentimeter)
   Meng Lu (Dynniq)
10:30 Coffee Break
Session 5: Social Aspects of Smart Cities
Chairman: Csaba Csiszár | Hall of John of Bohemia
11:00 Eltodo Smart City
   Jan Šilar (Eltodo)
11:10 Experiments with Semantic and Sentiment Analysis of Generation Z Reports About Smart Cities and Automation
   Konstadinos Goulias (University of California Santa Barbara)
11:30 Relative Importance for Crime Prevention Technologies as Part of Smart City based on Spatial Information
   Woo Chul Choi (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology)
11:50 Human machine interface for future cars. Changes needed.
   Dmitry Rozhdestvenskiy (CTU, FTS)
12:10 Business Lunch
Session 6: System Approach to Smart Cities Transformation
Chairman: Dimitrios Goulias | Hall of John of Bohemia
13:10 Smart City transformation must be smart!
   Pavel Hrabina (HPE)
13:20 Depicting the Smarter Cities of the Future: A Systematic Literature Review & Field Study
   Thomas Raaijen (University of Twente)
13:40 Model for Evaluation of Transport Energy Needs of Alternative Development Scenarios on Regional Scale
   Tomáš Peltan (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague)
14:00 Cyber security of underground railway system operation
   Tomas Kertis (CTU, FTS)
14:20 Coffee Break
Round Table and Symposium Closing
Moderator: Kostas Goulias / Ondřej Přibyl | Hall of John of Bohemia
14:50 Summary of Chairmen of Particular Sessions
   All chairmen
   All participants
Concluding Remarks
   Miroslav Svítek / Ondřej Přibyl
19:00 Symposium Social Event - Classical Music Concert
   Hall of John of Bohemia , flyer [pdf]
9:00 - 10:30
Poster Session
Chairman: Tomas Horak | Gothic arcade corridor
Hybrid communication solution for C-­ITS and its evaluation
   Martin Šrotýř (CTU, FTS)
Quantifying the Effects of Public Transport Priority based on the Potencial of Time Savings
   Vojtěch Novotný (CTU, FTS)
Analysis of the approach of the municipalities to the Smart City conception and
selected examples of its applications

   Zdeněk Dufek (Brno University of Technology)
Tools for ensuring the safe cities
   Dana Procházková (CTU, FTS)
Automated Vehicles in Smart Urban Environment: A Review
   André Maia Pereira (CTU, FTS)
Smart Rail Infrastructure Planning for Smart Cities: A Prague Rail Hub Case Study
   Michal Drábek a Zdeněk Michl (CTU, FTS)
Assessment Method to measure Smartness of Cities
   Michal Postránecký (Gulf Coast Green Development)
Smart City near to 4.0 – an Adoption of Industry 4.0 Conceptual Model
   Michal Postránecký (Gulf Coast Green Development)
Increasing efficiency of getting results of satellite remote sensing for Smart Cities
   Boris Kucherov (University of Technology)
Person Identification by Smart Cameras
   Leon Rothkrantz (Delft University of Technology)
Smart Mobile Technologies for the City of the Future
   Hind Bangui (Masaryk University)
Ageing population of cities – Implications for circular economy in the Czech Republic
   Kristýna Rybová (Charles University)
Challenges for citizens in management energy system of Smart cities
   Ary Mauricio Burbano (Universidad Manuela Beltran)
Incorporating stakeholder input in EU projects
   Ondřej Přibyl (CTU, FTS)
Employing Bayesian Networks and Conditional Probability Functions for Determining
Dependences in Road Traffic Accident Data

   Miroslav Vaniš (CTU, FTS)
Analysis of discrete data from traffic accidents
   Pavla Pecherková (CTU, FTS)
Impact of Roadside Advertising on Road Safety
   Josef Kocourek (CTU, FTS)
Lidar Based Object Detection Near Vehicle
   Marek Pavelka (CTU, FTS)
People counting by means of Wi-­Fi
   Jana Kaliková (CTU, FTS)
Solar Chimney for Ventilation in Czech Winter Climate Conditionst
   Petra Tvrdá (UCEEB)
Implementation of the theoretical model for the calculation of slow vehicles' travel times
on alternative routes

   Denisa Mocková (CTU, FTS)
Model of information system for combined ride-­sourcing service
   Dávid Földes (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Methodology for smart energy performance, in rural zones of Colombia
   Yecid Alfonso Muñoz (Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga)

The program can be changed without notice.