ETC2013 Prague

11th European Transport Congress

Motto: "Transport as scientific discipline"

Where: National Technical Library, Prague
When: September 19 - 20, 2013

The 11th European Transport Congress will be held in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. It is organized by the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences in cooperation with the European Platform of Transport Sciences. The Congress is a part of the celebration of 20th anniversary of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences.


Video from the Congress and Gala Evening were published.

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11th European Transport Congress has been finished. More than 160 specialists from 15 countries from all of the world have attended the Congress. 31 papers were presented and 19 posters were published during the two days of the Congress.

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Congress Programme

1st Congress Day (19.9.2013)

8:30   Registration of participants, morning coffee

Congress Opening
Room: Balling's hall
9:00 Congress Opening Miroslav Svítek, dean of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, CTU in Prague Zdeněk Žák, Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic Alexander Vogt, Advisor to Bogusław Liberadzki MEP, Quaestor, European Parliament Sebastian Belz, Secretary General, European Platform of Transport Sciences
9:30 Consideration about the Role of Transport as a Science - keynote Pavel Přibyl, CTU in Prague
Common session 1: International Transport Cooperation
Room: Balling's hall, Moderated by: Miroslav Vlček
9:50 ITS Activities in Europe Herman Mayer, ERTICO – ITS Europe
10:10 Smart Railway: EURNEX - The integrated European Scientific Rail Research & Innovation Wolfgang Steinicke, EURNEX
10:30 HeERO 1&2 - eCall Pre-deployment Pilots at European Level Andy Rooke, ERTICO-ITS Europe; Martin Pichl, Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic
10:50 Coffee Break
Common session 2: Transportation Research and Educational Programs
Room: Balling's hall, Moderated by: Petr Bouchner
11:30 Air Transport Engineering Programs at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences as a Part of PEGASUS Network of Excellence Daniel Hanus, CTU in Prague
11:50 Transportation and Logistics Systems in Framework of Transatlantic Program EU-U.S. Atlantis Carlos Ferregut, Ruey Long Cheu, The University of Texas at El Paso; Helena Nováková, Ladislav Bína, Tomáš Horák, CTU in Prague
12:10 Transport Systems Development Centre RODOS Strategic Research Agenda Martin Hájek, Technical University of Ostrava
12:30 International Student’s Traffic Engineering Project Seminar MEPS Jiří Čarský, Jana Jirků, Josef Kocourek, CTU in Prague
12:50 Business Lunch
Common session 3: Electronic Tolling
Room: Balling's hall, Moderated by: Pavel Přibyl
13:50 Framework to Analyze Vehicle Miles Travelled Fee Implementation Markéta Vavrová, Carlos Martin Chang Albitres, The University of Texas at El Paso; Ladislav Bína, CTU in Prague
14:10 Forecasting System for Truck Parking Based on Statistical Modeling of Indirect Data Marek Brabec, Ondřej Konár, Ivan Kasanický, Emil Pelikán, Zdeněk Lokaj, Tomáš Zelinka, CTU in Prague; Marek Malý, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
14:30 It is about money: a short financial history of the Czech Truck Tolling System Ondrej Zaoral, Inoxive
14:50 ETC and Interoperability in Poland Ewa Wolniewicz-Warska, Kapsch Telematic Services
15:10 Coffee Break
Common session 4: Intelligent Mobility
Room: Balling's hall, Moderated by: Wolfgang Steinicke
15:50 Innovations in Cooperative Urban Traffic Systems Jürgen Weingart, SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS
16:10 ITS-Framework-Architecture for Public Transport in Germany – Latest Developments Wolfgang Kieslich, Michael Weber, MRK; Martin Rose, TRANSVER; Tobias Henninger, net in balance consult; presented by Peter Hartmann
16:30 Assesment of the Quality of Traffic Informaction Distributed by RDS-TMC Service Petr Bureš, CTU in Prague
16:50 ITS-EduNet – European Network for Training, Education and Outreach in the Field of ITS Zuzana Bělinová, CTU in Prague; Emil Simeonov, Intelligent Transport Systems Group
17:10 Closing of the 1st Congress Day
Gala Evening of 20th Anniversary of Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Venue: Bethlehem Chapel
19:00 Gala Evening Opening Organizers have the pleasure to invite you to the Gala Evening, where prizes will be awarded and where there will also be a concert and a soirée. This will be a culmination of celebrations of the 20th anniversary foundation of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences of the Czech Technical University.

2nd Congress Day (20.9.2013)

8:30   Morning Coffee

Parallel session 5a: Transport Policy
Room: Balling's hall, Moderated by: Jiří Šnajdar
9:00 Electric Buses in Urban Transport – The Situation and Development Trends Jakub Slavík, Consulting Services
9:20 Non-Financial Advantages of Urban Cycle-Hire Scheme Zuzanna Klos-Adamkiewicz, Szczecin University
9:40 Transport Planning of Public Services Vít Janoš, CTU in Prague
10:00 Multicriteria Framework for Evaluation of Transportation Policies and Traffic Management Solutions in Large Urban Areas Tomáš Rendl, Ruey Long Cheu, The University of Texas at El Paso; Ladislav Bína, Tomáš Horák, CTU in Prague
10:20 The Truly Integrated Timetable Stefan Walter, Graz University of Technology
10:40 Individual Path Choice Modeling in a Pre-trip Planner for Transit Networks with ATIS Agostino Nuzzolo, Antonio Comi, University of Rome Tor Vergata
11:00 Coffee Break & Poster Session
Parallel session 5b: Traffic Safety and Security
Room: Computer Lab 02, Moderated by: Josef Kocourek
9:00 Person Identification and Authentication Techniques Václav Matoušek, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen
9:20 Simulator Experiment Focused on Detection of Microsleeps behind the Wheel Anna Řeháková, Petr Bouchner, Alan Šumelda, CTU in Prague
9:40 Improving Aviation Security Using Data Fusion Tomáš Duša, Miroslav Hladky, CTU in Prague
10:00 Urban transport dispatch control system helps to increase Intelligent transport systems effectiveness Veniamin Bogumil, Dmitry Efimenko, State Technical University - MADI
10:20 Model For Supply Chains´ Safety Management Dana Procházková, CTU in Prague
10:20 TE-VOGS - Safety system for vehicle monitoring at the Airport Jiří Prokeš, TECHNISERV, Zdeněk Lokaj, CTU in Prague
11:00 Coffee Break & Poster Session
Common session 6: Traffic Engineering and Management
Room: Balling's hall, Moderated by: Zdeněk Votruba
11:40 Dynamic Routing using Ant Based Control Adriana Suson, Bogdan Tatomir, Delft University of Technology; Leon Rothkrantz, The Netherlands Defence Acdemy
12:00 Using Short Term Traffic Predictors in Traffic Management Centres Mark Finer, Mott MacDonald Limited, Prague; Tom Van Vuren, Mott MacDonald Limited, Birmingham; Chris Van Hinsbergen, Fileradar, Netherlands
12:20 Road Congestion and Economic Agglomeration: Understanding The Consequences of Traffic Rationing Policies in Bogota Andres Felipe Caballero Villamizar, CTU in Prague
12:40 Tool for Analysis of Extraordinary States in Complex Traffic Networks Martin Škodáček, Pavel Přibyl, CTU in Prague
13:00 Potential, Possibilities and Requirements for Establishing a Platform for Long-Term Carpooling, A Survey in Vienna and its Surroundings Elmar Fürst, WU Vienna; Kurt Leander, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna
13:20 Congress Closing
sluchátka Czech - English simultaneous interpretation will be provided in Balling's hall during the whole first congress day. The official language of the second congress day is English, translation will not be available.
sluchátka Internet connection in Balling's hall will be available.
Poster Section
Room: Parter
Decision Support System for Design of Transfer Node Conception Jacura Martin, Týfa Lukáš, CTU in Prague
Elimination of Rail Noise as a Step Towards Sustainable Transport Neubergová Kristýna, Kočárková Dagmar, CTU in Prague
Noise Measurements on Various Railway Superstructure Constructions Neubergová Kristýna, Týfa Lukáš, Vašica David, Ládyš Libor, CTU in Prague, EKOLA group
Analysis of Data on Traffic Incidents with Presence of Hazardous Substances Patáková Hana, Procházka Jan, CTU in Prague
Proposal of Genetic Operators for Solving Transportation Problems Mocková Denisa, CTU in Prague
Design of Algorithms for Payment Telematics Systems Evaluating the Driver's Driving Style Kantor Stanislav, Stárek Tomáš, CTU in Prague
Implementing Model Predictive Control for Logistic Optimization Kodada Jan, Pastor Otto, CTU in Prague
Validation Experiments for Fuel Consumption Optimization Algorithm Nagy Ivan, Suzdaleva Evgenia, Pecherková Pavla, CTU in Prague
Mobile Laser Scanning for Highway Deformation Documentation Faltýnová Martina, Pavelka Karel, CTU in Prague
SATLOC – Satellite Based Operation and Management of Low Traffic Lines Barbu George, Lopour Daniel, Union International des Chemins de Fer (UIC), European GNSS Agency (GSA)
Comparison of Different Methods to Record Vehicle Registration Plates in Traffic Direction Survey Hanzl Jiří, Kumpošt Petr, CTU in Prague
Principles of Exact Traction Energy Calculations Method and Its Application Using Computers Večeřa Martin, CTU in Prague
How Can Knowledge Transfer Contribute to Achieve Sustainability in Transport: Lessons Learnt from TRANSPORT LEARNING Training Project Zientek Julia, Schemien Veronica, Becker Udo, Austrian Mobility Research, TU Dresden
Proposal for Expansion of Transportation Information System for Visually Impaired Persons Jerabek Michal, Krcal Jan, CTU in Prague
The Importance of Education in Aviation Safety in Czech Republic Vittek Peter, Plos Vladimír, CTU in Prague
Extending the Use of GNSS in Aviation – Pilots Training Kraus Jakub, CTU in Prague
Dynamic Pricing Model in the Passenger Air Transport Skolilová Petra, Říha Zdeněk, CTU in Prague
Operation Efficiency of Vehicles MAN F2000 under Condidions of the North Zudov Gennady, Ishkov Alexander, Levin Alexey, Russian Academy of Sciences
Supply Chain Security Model for Security Performance Measurement Lánská Martina, CTU in Prague

The programme can be modified without notice!

Last update: 15.9.2013 12:00

Accompanying Programme

National Workshop on eCall 112
Date, Time, Venue: 18.9. 8:30 – 16:00, Ministry of Transport of the CR, Prague
Title eCall 112 - saving lives through in-vehicle communication technology
Topic The seminar will be divided into following two sections: 1) Call implementation procedure in the Czech Republic and 2) main benefits of eCall and Technical solutions for eCall implementation and deployment potential of related third party services. During the seminar will be demonstrated first real crash test of vehicles equipped with eCall OBU/IVS. Organized by Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.
For more information and registration form click here.
10th International GUF Workshop
Date, Time, Venue: 20.9.2013 10:30 – 16:00, Ostrava
Title GNSS services for people with limited mobility or orientation
Topic 10th International workshop GUF dedicated to the use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) services for people with limited mobility or orientation will be held in the City of Ostrava. EGNOS and Galileo will be very useful tools for people with limited mobility and orientation, helping them to better use public transport and increase their mobility. Organized by Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic under the support of GSA.
For more information and registration form click here.
Excursion to the specialized departments of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Title The opportunity to visit the specialized departments of our Faculty of Transportation Sciences at Horska building. Here are located workplaces of the Department of Air Transport, the Institute of Vehicles and the Department of Transport Telematics. The visit is preliminarily secured at simulators, the Railway Laboratory and other specialized working stations of our faculty.
When September 20, 2013 – after the end of an official part of congress
Where Horská 3, Praha 2
Departure secured from NTK. More information and registration during first congress day.
Excursion to the Blanka Tunnel
Title The construction of the Blanka Tunnel Complex began in 2007. After its completion next year, the complex will become a part of the Prague City Ring. With the planned length of about 6.4 km it will be the longest road tunnel in the Czech Republic and also the longest city tunnel in Europe.
When September 20, 2013 – after the end of an official part of congress
Where Prague 6 and 7
Departure secured from NTK. More information and registration during first congress day.

Venue of the Congress

National Technical Library Technická 6 / 2710 160 80 Praha 6 - Dejvice

Map zoom How to get to the NTL

You will find the NTL between Thákurova, Studentská and Technická streets and Fleming square. If you are using Prague public transport, it would be best to travel by underground to the Dejvicka station (the A line) and from there it is a several minute walk to the NTL – see the map above.