Conference program

You can download conference program: Day 1 [pdf], Day 2 [pdf].

Day 1 - May 26, 2016

8:00 Registration | Atrium
Opening Session | Hall A
9:00 Prof. Miroslav Svítek (Conference Chair, Czech Technical University in Prague)
Prof. Petr Konvalinka (Rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague)
JUDr. Martina Děvěrová, MPA (Chief Executive of Prague City Hall)
Assoc. Prof. Ondřej Přibyl (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Session 1: Keynote speakers
Chairman: Prof. Miroslav Svítek | Hall A
9:20 Smart City Wien – Process and Implementation
   Pamela Mühlmann (Smart City Vienna Agency)
9:40 Extreme Heat/Hot Cities- Infrastructure & Adapting to a Hotter Climate
   Porie Saikia-Eapen (MTA New York)
10:00 Dynamic Social Evolution Model in Virtual City Laboratory
   Michal Postránecký (Gulf Coast Green Development)
10:20 Experiences with Building a Smart City
   Anthony Mallows (Masdar City)
10:40 Aspern City - Smart city Implementation
   Mike Pilcher (Siemens)
11:00 Coffee Break
Session 2: Social aspects of Smart Cities
Chairman: Z. Votruba | Hall A
11:30 InVipo - Software solution for Smart Cities
   Tomáš Juřík (Cross)
11:40 Building Future Cities the Smart Way
   Milan Štěrba (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
11:55 Smart Cities and Ageing Population
   Kristýna Rybová (Charles University)
12:15 Involving Citizens in Smart City Projects
   Tomáš Vácha (Czech Technical University in Prague)
12:35 Social and Environmental Factors Influencing Active School Transport (AST) in Radotin, Prague
   Jana Zdráhalová (Czech Technical University in Prague)
12:55 Business Lunch
Session 3: System approach to Smart Cities transformation
Chairman: O. Přibyl | Hall A
13:55 Microsoft CityNext, our Approch for making Cities Smart
   Michal Osif (Microsoft )
14:10 Schneider Electric for Smart Cities
   Jaroslav Zlabek (Schneider-Electric)
14:25 Smart cities, multi-system approach to system modelling
   Zdeněk Votruba (Czech Technical University in Prague)
14:45 Green and Blue Infrastructure: An Opportunity for Smart Cities?
   Jan Macháč (University of Economics, Prague)
15:05 Concept of Future Integrated Smart Mobility
   Csaba Csiszár (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
15:25 Assessment of Smart City Implementations
   Dietrich Leihs (University of Zilina)
15:45 Coffee Break
16:15 - 17:45
Poster Session
Chairman: T. Horák | Atrium
Application of the Traffic Conflict Technique in the Czech Republic
   Josef Kocourek (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Data Mining in Fare Collection Systems
   Milan Sliacky (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Evaluation of the traffic control impact on the smart cities environment
   Kristýna Cikhardtová (Czech Technical University in Prague)
GIS Approach in Vehicle Route Optimization for Residential Recyclables Collection
   Karel Kůs (Czech Technical University in Prague)
High Resolution Modelling of Anthropogenic Heat from Traffic in Urban Canopy: A Sensitivity Study
   Přemysl Derbek (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Industry 4.0 as a Part of Smart Cities
   Michal Lom (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Logistic regression with expert intervention
   Pavla Pecherková (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Mobile sensor unit for online air quality monitoring
   Petr Brynda (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Pilot Applications of Cooperative Systems
   Martin Šrotýř (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Program searching for a functional dependence using genetic programming with coefficient adjustment
   Vladimír Hlaváč (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Solution to the Location-Routing Problem Using a Genetic Algorithm
   Alena Rybičková (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Tools for Risk Management of Model Metro Station
   Tomáš Kertis (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Transit Oriented Development in Mid-Size Cities: A Star-Shaped Urban Form Promoted
   Jindřich Felcman (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Session 4: System approach, information and data processing in Smart Cities
Chairman: C. Csiszár | Hall A
16:15 Intelligent Sensors for Street Lighting
   Ramin L. Mokhtari (ICE Gateway)
16:25 Discussion of Uncertainties Factors in Smart Cities Systems
   Zdeněk Votruba (Czech Technical University in Prague)
16:45 Analysis of Possibility to Utilize Road Marking for the Needs of Autonomous Vehicles
   Michal Matowicki (Czech Technical University in Prague)
17:05 BBCU in Smart Cities Applications
   Jiří Havlík (Institute of Microelectronic Applications)
17:25 Smart ITS Comes from Venus
   Juraj Kotrik (PRISMA solutions EDV)
17:45 1st Symposium Day Closing
10:00 - 17:00
Tesla model S - test drives
   in front of the coference building
19:00 Symposium Social Event & Dinner
    (by invitation only) , flayer [pdf]

Day 2 – May 27, 2016

8:30 Registration | Atrium
Session 5: Human Components of Smart Cities
Chairman: J. Vorel | Hall A
9:00 Smart Cities Technology Application in Practice
   Marcel Babczynski (Česká Spořitelna a.s.)
9:10 Škoda Electric
   Radek Svoboda (ŠKODA Transportation)
9:20 A Smart Surveillance System of Distributed Smart Multi Cameras modelled as Agents
   Leon Rothkrantz (TU Delft)
9:40 Metropolitan Delivery with Time Windows as a Scheduling Problem
   Czeslaw Smutnicki (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology)
10:00 Advanced Prediction Methods in Structural Fire Safety Engineering
   Lukáš Blesák (Czech Technical University in Prague)
10:20 The Transportation Accessibility and Residential Mobility in the Prague Metropolitan Area
   Jakub Vorel (Czech Technical University in Prague)
10:40 Coffee Break
Session 6: Technologies for Smart Cities
Chairman: P. Bouchner | Hall A
11:10 The Future of Mobility
   Robbie Khazzam (UBER)
11:20 Smart Cities from the Perspective of Energy
   Miroslav Fialka (E.ON)
11:30 ICT Architecture for the Smart Grid: Concept Overview
   Barbora Buhnova (Masaryk University)
11:50 Smart Grids Deployments within EU Projects: The Role of Smart Meters
   Bruno Rossi (Masaryk University)
12:10 Flood Control of the Smart City Prague
   Leon Rothkrantz (TU Delft)
12:30 Enhancement of Control Processes of City Buses’ Traffic Safety
   Abishev Kairatolla (Kazakh Agrotechnical University)
12:50 Business Lunch
Session 7: International Workshop on Smart Cities: Student Presentations
Chairman: D. Goulias | Hall A
13:50 Team 1
14:10 Team 2
14:30 Team 3
14:50 Team 4
15:10 Team 5
15:30 Team 6
15:50 Coffee Break
Round Table and Symposium Closing
Moderator: K. Goulias | Hall A
16:00 Summary of Chairmen of Particular Sessions
   All chairmen
   All participants
Concluding Words
   Prof. Miroslav Svítek / Assoc. Prof. Ondřej Přibyl
19:00 SPRING CONCERT performed by Bumův komorní orchestr
   Martinů Hall , flayer [pdf]

The program can be changed without notice.